Universal Uninstaller

Full Spectrum Interactive Universal Uninstaller

Full Spectrum Interactive is a software network that powers millions of user-friendly software recommendations in Windows installers. Full Spectrum Interactive is partnered with some of the best software developers in the industry & promotes all offers on our owned and operated sites.

Full Spectrum Interactive manages the entire installation process of your software from start to finish. When you download any of our promoted software, our FullSpectrum Installer will give you the option to install additional advertiser offers.

All Full Spectrum Interactive offers are optional. There is never any obligation to accept these offers, and the option to decline is clearly marked.

Only after you accept any additional offers will any software be downloaded to your computer. We’ve also developed a unique uninstaller what will allow you to uninstall any and all programs that the FullSpectrum Installer has installed on your computer.

How Does The Universal Uninstaller Work?

If, for any reason, you no longer want any of the software offered by Full Spectrum Interactive, you may uninstall software via the Universal Uninstaller.

The Universal Uninstaller tracks all Full Spectrum Interactive software installed on your computer, and allows you to manage your Full Spectrum Interactive software in one convenient location.

When you run the Universal Uninstaller a list of all Full Spectrum Interactive offers that you have accepted will appear. Check the items you wish to remove and click “Uninstall”. The process for each product will begin.

Contact Us

If you have continue to have difficulty removing Full Spectrum Interactive products, please email us at contactus@fullspectruminteractive.com.